vIt seems that our government is allowed to spy on us citizens for nearly any reason they can come up with, and yet, we are not allowed to go behind their closed doors and see what our elected representatives are up to? Hmm, what about fairness I ask?

There was an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal not long ago; “Judge Sides With Technology Firms in Case Over Justice Department’s Gag Orders – Judge denies 15 government applications for gag orders against service providers, ruling they lacked enough information,” written by Joe Palazzolo and Devlin Barrett – published on May 13, 2016 which stated:

“A Brooklyn magistrate judge has rejected the Justice Department’s practice of getting gag orders against technology companies, saying federal agents should have to give a specific reason why customers of Facebook and other firms shouldn’t be told when the government searches their data.”

Oh and it gets worse, consider this; if our government has all your information and shares it with other governments around the world, which it does, as we have international and inter-agency spy deals. Thus if these other governments and our government are routinely hacked – then anyone and everyone can potentially have your data. See that point? If everything you do in the world is now non-private as you are forced to surrender your information or they will just take it and give it away or leak it, then shouldn’t all governments and all leaders here and abroad be a totally open book for all to see?

After all, what’s fair is fair. And, this would get rid of any conspiracy theories too, as if all governments, political leaders and international groups were transparent then we’d have a level playing field where The People and the Government were equal, and in the USA since we are the government and we are supposed to be one, why not one set of rules for both? Yes, this is probably a mental masturbation philosophical conundrum, however, I dare to ask; What If?

That is to say, what if everything were out in the open for all sides?

Perhaps this is not such a silly question to pose as we move forward into the future?

What say you? Can you imagine such a future? Could it ever come to fruition? What would be the positives and negatives if it actually did?

Okay so, I will leave you with this thought today – please think on it.


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